Monday, March 25, 2013

Nuts for nails

Eating healthy is good for you in totally weird and unexpected ways, and this simple-homemade-kinda-crunchy life is surprisingly healthy. Because it's completely transformed my nails.

My nails, you say? Yes indeed. My nails.

I hate the stereotype that you can tell a lady by her hands but we have to admit that our hands and nails do say an awful lot about us. Mostly, whether we can be bothered to pamper them or if we just give them a quick scrub with the nail brush and the dish soap to get the worst of the mud off. French manicure nails suggest that you're expecting not to pick up half the bill afterwards.

If my nails could talk, they'd tell you I am accident-prone and that I rush through life. They're short, often breaking or tearing on things as I dash past, or fumble through a disorganised bag for some change. They're rarely smooth and shiney, never polished, and never beautifully shaped. But that was LAST week!

This week, they're strong, long and starting to look a little bit shaped. They're smooth and shiney, and I don't have to worry about breaking them so much. I think this minor miracle is thanks to the daily consumption of nuts and seeds which I introduced to my diet about a month ago, as it's about the only thing that has changed. So I am now officially a nut fan, and will be ensuring I get a daily handful. My heart will thank me, and so will my nails. So who'd have thought that homemade breakfast cereal would improve my nails? Hopefully they speak more eloquently now.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Slow Living 2013 - February

I've been following the Slow Living series over at Slow Living Essentials for several months now - mostly just looking and longing, wishing I was able to do some of the things mentioned. Some of the limitations were due to our tiny flat, but also some were linked to opportunities I was missing in the local community. No where to store jars, so no opportunity to preserve things. No access to sewing machine, so limited opportunities for making clothes or things for the home. No regular knitting or crafting group, so I tended to let things slide.

In the last few weeks, several small changes are making a big difference and extended my sense of the possible considerably. I can't really kid myself that I can't do these things any longer, so it's about time I set about challenging myself to have a go. 


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