Monday, November 1, 2010

The UK government's latest brainwave

So you're sitting at your desk, looking at a figure. This figure is your departmental budget, and it's considerably lower than you'd like. You have to make serious cuts, or offset costs by pulling in some extra money from somewhere.

You decide to kill two birds with one stone - sell off something that is costing you money to run. Sounds good, no?

Defra, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to sell off around a third to a half (sources differ) of the land currently held by the Forestry Commission. This land could be bought up by local charities, of course, but also bidding for the land will be private landowners, logging companies, and developers hoping to build commercial enterprises like adventure parks. Which do you think will be able to offer more?

This not only means that the public will lose the access to this land they currently enjoy, it also means a major step backwards in Britain's approach to climate change. We should be valuing what little of this island's native forests are still standing, and protecting them even more fiercely. If you agree, please sign this petition. If you want to know more, there are some links to articles below.

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