Sunday, August 28, 2011

New skill - winding yarn

While in Estonia last week, one of the few souvenirs I bought was about 250g of local wool. It was quite a bit cheaper than wool in shops here and looked like it might be handspun, but it wasn't clear, so I only bought one skein.

I have just spent a happy hour winding a skein of yarn into a ball - for the first time! Another new skill... I loved watching the ball grow, the patterns of wraps around the ball and the different colours in the wool as I wrapped. The best bit? The smell of lanolin - for some reason I find this smell comforting, though I have spent very little time around live sheep or unwashed wooll. I am thinking that I will start with a pair of socks - it's quite a thin yarn but quite long, so I should get one pair and have something over.

I have not yet knitted a pair of socks - I did one sock, it took me ages and then didn't fit. That was before I had a tape measure, however, so I hope my next attempt is more useful.

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