Sunday, July 28, 2013

Slow Living 2013 - July

I'm joining the Slow Living Month by Month project again - taking stock of progress and challenges in trying to slow down and live more mindfully. 

[NOURISH] I've continued eating breakfasts of natural yoghurt and fresh fruit and salad lunches. I've started eating breakfast at work to give myself time to (occasionally) go for a run in the mornings, as I'm just not getting round to doing sport later in the day. An unexpected bonus of the late breakfast is that I don't get hungry again until just before lunch, so no more snacking mid-morning. Tonight I cooked for the first time in aaaaages - almost-cooked falafel burgers (I never manage to time these right!)

[PREPARE] Erm... not much to report here.

[REDUCE] Just the usual jars kept back for the next round of preserving. More expected for this next month.

[GREEN] I experimented this month with two new green cleaning methods - baking soda and tin foil for cleaning silver, and using sunflower oil as wood polish (with lemon juice to help lift dirt.) Normally I see olive oil recommended, and I have used this before, but olive oil aint cheap, so I'm experimenting with replacing it with sunflower oil where possible.

[GROW] Still nothing. I REALLY need to start on this...

[CREATE] More (slow) progress on the homemade curtains. It's going to feel soooo amazing when they are finally finished, it's been six months so far. The first single curtain was finished this week, hopefully its pair will be done soon.

[DISCOVER] I have discovered A Girl Called Jack's awesome blog about living on the poverty line, with some intriguing budget recipes. I have also fallen in love with a second-hand bookshop, and am currently reading Vanity Fair (getting a fabulous return on my investment of €1).

[ENHANCE] Supporting local tradesmen and shops is revealing some pleasant surprises (see bookshop above).

[ENJOY] Leisurely evenings, afternoons and meals with friends. With the fine weather, we've been eating on the balcony a lot, which means less tv as we actually converse (I know, OMG) and casually judge all passing pedestrians. Lots of fun to be had making up stories about their lives and journeys. As you can see above, I've dug out Jane Brockett's Cherry cake and ginger beer, which is self-indulgent combination of revisiting my favourite childhood characters and worlds, and tantalising descriptions of food and recipes. Even though it's pushing thirty degrees outside, I'm suddenly in the mood for cocoa...


  1. Oh time to wrap up this month again. You sound as though you are doing well - it is lovely to have this list in mind to help us to slow down.

  2. It's a good tool, isn't it? It certainly reminds me that I tend to focus on some areas - eg crafting - at the expense of others, and hopefully that will at some point prompt me to get a wriggle on with these!



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