Thursday, August 1, 2013

Has anyone ever made an oven glove?

I'm trying to make a pair of oven gloves. I have a lovely Cath Kidston pattern from her book Sew! and I've cut out all the fabric and batting, but before I make it up, I am testing the heat-proof-ness against a cool-ish iron - and it is utterly failing to withhold the heat for more than about three seconds.

I've got two layers of batting, a dressmaking cotton both sides, plus tea-towel-type thick cotton on one side, and it's still not working. What is the problem? Is it the batting? (Cotton quilting batting, the only cotton kind in the shop) or the fabric? Or have I not added enough layers of either fabric or batting? Should the batting be wool rather than cotton?

Any thoughts or suggestions most welcome!


  1. Hi

    I have made them from that pattern. I managed to get some heat-proof batting/wadding, maybe try online... The more layers you have, the more of a pain in the beep it will be to sew, and believe me, it will be a pain in the beep...

    Eleanor xx

    1. Important consideration, thanks! Google reveals that many people recommend something called Insul-Bright, which I have ordered and will pick this up when it arrives.

  2. I made oven pads using an old blanket for the wadding. It worked well.

    1. Definitely something to bear in mind should I come across an old blanket in a second hand shop sometime! Thanks.



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