Saturday, May 3, 2014

Slow Living 2014 - March/April

This post is part of a series started by Christine at Slow Living Essentials.

{NOURISH} More yoghurt, and my first sourdough loaves (second one better than the first but it's not quite there yet...) I can definitely smell - and taste - as the wild yeast culture evolves and matures.

{PREPARE} Pickled beetroot. Can't wait to start eating it in a few weeks time after the vinegar-y tang has mellowed. This time I added cinnamon and cloves as well as black pepper to the red wine vinegar - it smelled very Christmas-y.

{REDUCE} Well there has been quite a lot of decluttering - clothes, books, household goods. My skirt made from an old pair of trousers and old shirt of my boyfriend's is progressing. I've also started another round of Project 333 in my wardrobe, and am attempting something similar with my library of books. I've also been using leftover breat crusts to make croutons which are a handy addition to a soup or stew, or a nummy snack.

{GREEN} Another batch of homemade handcream - this stuff is the bee's knees. We've also been engaging in a slow, gradual repair of a leak in the toilet tank by using vinegar and baking soda to erode the build-up of calcium and the red metal deposit we get from the water here. (I'm not too sure what it is.)

{GROW} This week I will harvest my first radish. Radishes are going strong and the beetroots will gladly use the space they leave behind them. However, I haven't planted anywhere near as much as I wanted because I haven't found the tubs/containers and have so far refused to spend major money on plastic ones from the gardening centre. I have realised that a lack of planning is definitely delaying/inhibiting my growing here.

{CREATE} Oh so much knitting.

{DISCOVER} A growing appreciation for craft beer, and a common interest in attempting homebrewing with my boyfriend. We're currently researching the necessary ingredients and kit, and I hope we'll have a go at this in a few weeks.

{ENHANCE} Spending time with friends, with my boyfriend and also by myself. I'm rediscovering the pleasures of reading a single book continuously instead of constantly jumping from book to book.

{ENJOY} Life is good. Still some issues around balance at work, but in general, life is good, and I get a warm feeling every time we sit down to share a pot of fresh-brewed coffee and a slice of homemade cake, everytime we sit outside on our balcony with a locally brewed beer and admire the laundry blowing in the breeze and the radishes spreading their leaves. Simple pleasures.

How about you? How has your month been?

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