Friday, June 30, 2017

The re-return

So helloooo blogosphere! I'm back. Again. Again.

Life seems to go in these cycles where I go off and discover new terrain, and then want to 'come home', make lemonade and knit stuff. Perhaps it's a good moment to reflect on what's the same and what's different.

So what is the same? Not much. Just me. Everything around me is different. Different job, different city, different home, different rhythm of life. I'm having so much fun with my life. I have a job I am excited to get to in the mornings, and that's very precious.

Because of that, my work has been my primary focus over the last months or years even, but I think the urge to knit things is perhaps an indicator that I need to slow down a bit more and savour this journey. Take more time just to be, to reflect, and to recharge. I feel a bit like I've climbed the first peak in the Himalayas and it feels awesome, but maybe I should take a break before I hit the second.

And you? What's new?

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