Thursday, July 12, 2012

Of bandwagons and baking soda

I so want to go no poo. I so want to do it. I want to walk into a room and have someone go, wow your hair looks nice, and feel smug about my no-poo-ness. I have been trying to master this for years. There is generally a 2-6 week transition period, while your hair gets used to the no-poo. I once went three whole months without washing my hair in anything but water, and it was still yucky. I have switched over to other methods (baking soda and vinegar rinses, conditioner only, good old fashioned soap) countless times and always end up back on the shampoo.

Always, after the first few washes, my hair looks and feels amazing. And then after a while, it looks less amazing, until finally the day comes along when it looks no better post-wash than pre. So I cave and borrow my boyfriend's shampoo. And then comes the let-down feeling. I've put so much angst and time into trying to get this to work. And I'm so absolutely certain that it's just a case of getting it right, finding the right combination of treatments. I refuse to accept that no-poo might just not work on my hair.

So. Deep breath. I'm launching back into the pool. With one key difference. After more internet searching, it would seem that those washing their hair with baking soda who find that their hair seems greasy after washing should cut out the ACV rinse, and replace it with a citrus rinse or even something milder, and should certainly keep the vinegar off the roots. So this is the major change. I'm back on the baking soda bandwagon. This blog shall chart my fidelity to this philosophy.

Today's experimental ACV replacement: lemon tea hair rinse. Yay for experimentation!

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