Sunday, June 10, 2012

Only 7 months late

Finally! This morning I finished the last of these teeny tiny stockings. It's taken me quite a lot longer than I expected - hence a project intended for a birthday present last November has only been completed now.

The 25 stockings are all hand-stitched, with an embroidered number on the front (you can see that this one is 24), and with a ribbon loop for hanging from, together with a lining in a contrasting colour which you can just see peeking out the top. There are ten different fabric colours (but all cotton, so washable!) in shades of blue, purple and pink. I estimate that this cost be around €40 for materials, and between 1 hour and 1h30 per stocking. So, naturally, I'm about to do another one...

This mini-advent calendar is for my cousin E, and next on my list is one for her younger brother J. Do you think I will finish this before Christmas this year? My goal is October. But first I need to make a trip to the fabric shop! This time round it should be easier - there were several false starts in the previous model, and I had to make my own patterns, while now I can reuse the ones I have. I still want to make the second one slightly different - I'm thinking of turning the overlap to the outside of the sock rather than the inside, and doing needle-turned applique rather than stitching on silver sequins.

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