Monday, June 4, 2012

No poo: Week three and a half

So three and a half weeks in to the no-poo experiment - it's beginning to look a bit greasy (but then I did last wash it two days ago). I've been trying to get as little baking soda as possible on the length to avoid stripping them out, but I think that's making my scalp greasier quicker, too, as the oil accumulates on the hairbrush.

Still, a definite improvement on my last no-poo experiment. Next wash I'll let the baking soda work on the length as well as the scalp. I'm finding that the hair looks best on the day after washing - it actually takes the best part of a day to dry completely, and looks a bit lanky until day 2.

No plans to go back to shampoo, however - I still love being dandruff-free!! And even when it's a bit oily, it looks fine up: 

Three cheers for no poo!

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