Friday, June 1, 2012

Progress on my knitted socks

Ok so this really is abysmal! This is the sock I started knitting last August, and I have done almost nothing! It's mostly my fault - for choosing an elaborate pattern with thin wool and small needles, so it's taking aaaages to knit up. I've thought several times about ripping it out and making something else with the wool, but so far no brainwaves so perhaps I'd better just finish.

The goal is to be able to slouch by the fire over Christmas with the knitted socks - so that everyone asks about them... :) As you may have gathered, I am something of a show-off, especially with this homemade life stuff because my family find the whole thing hilarious.
The pattern is from Knitty and is called Cachoeira - I have no idea how to pronounce that! The wool I'm using was bought from a little craft souvenir shop just off the central square in Tallinn, Estonia. I seem to have a thing for collecting wool from the places I have visited, and my boyfriend now encourages me by bringing me back gifts of handspun wool from local animals when he goes away without me.

I'm finding the pattern a little tricky - and because I can't memorise it easily, I can't just sit there lazily knitting in front of the sofa. I have to think. Which is not conducive to snatching odd moments with the needles. (I know, more excuses). So I am going to make a concerted effort to finish this sock - and maybe if I'm feeling really ambitious, I'll try to make the other sock of the pair!

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