Friday, October 18, 2013

Being measured for custom-made clothes

Well... something like that! 

Having learned from my very first ever sock, which after months of struggling with knitting in the round and lace patterns did not actually fit onto my foot, I have knitted a guage tube and measured my feet before casting on a new pair of socks. This will (hopefully) be my second ever pair. I have decided to abandon the idea of patterns - this will be a tube, a tomato heel, another tube and some decreasing around the toe. Basically, I'll make it up as I go, but I will now be certain that the sock will fit, even if it might look a little odd...

This time I am knitting socks made from real wool. I bought this stuff aaaaaaages ago when the idea of socks first caught my imagination, and a friend recommended ebay as a cheap source of wool. This is indeed much better value per kilo than most shops, but I did have to buy rather a lot, and as my first forays into sock knitting were not entirely a success, I still have nearly four full spools of wool (in slightly different but still neutral shades). That's going to make me quite a lot of socks!

I know I still have a huge pile/list of projects which should take priority, but I am casting this on mostly to have something beside my bed to do before I go to sleep. I am finding that even just one row really helps calm me down, slow my breathing and heart-rate, and help me to disconnect and wind down. Although at one row a night, it might take me quite a while to work through that stash of sock yarn...

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