Sunday, October 6, 2013

Slow Living 2013 - September

This has been a very rushed month. This weekend - and particularly today - is a most welcome change in pace - much slower, more meditative, more leisurely and more satisfying generally. I feel like I've made a few small steps towards being on top of things, being in control of life generally and choosing which direction to go in, rather than simply reacting. This month has been an insane month at work, with very long hours leaving me very little in the way of time for family, friends and crafty pursuits. This is something that needs to change, although quite how I'm going to do that, I do not know.

So September hasn't been slow. I hope October will be slower. As a reminder, this is part of the Slow Living Month by Month series started by Slow Living Essentials, and this month in particular it is a reminder of how much less I achieve than when I'm focusing on savouring life, to help me focus more in October.

{NOURISH} Lots and lots and LOTS of porridge this month. Lots of 'eeeeew'-s from my boyfriend. I think even I am porridged-out at this point so will have to hunt up my cereal recipe. More homemade bread. I wonder what the next step on this area might be? Almost everything we eat is prepared from scratch

{PREPARE} More reducing than adding to our pile of homemade preserves - munching through jars of jam and marmalade.

{REDUCE} Not sure there's anything here, apart from the usual mending of clothes. Does making my own oil diffuser using an old yoghurt jar count? It's working brilliantly to make the bathroom smell lovelier.

{GREEN} I have switched to using plain shea butter on my face - much better than the oils I was using but not quite where I want it. I'm currently exploring possible combinations. I've also switched to using white vinegar instead of lemon juice to mop the floors, with Eucalyptus oil to mask the smell - much better finish, much shinier and noticeably less sticky

{GROW} Still nothing!

{CREATE} I finished my first ever pair of socks and boy do they feel good! I'm noticing that my feet feel much better after wearing homemade socks - much more cushioned, much warmer. Although I did use synthetic yarn and I think this that real wool might be better at controlling *ahem* odour.

{DISCOVER} I've been doing more Coursera courses - specifically on public health policy, an area increasingly part of my future career plans. The best thing about Coursera is that they are free and have no credit value, so I can take as long as I need to complete them.

{ENHANCE} Much exploring and enjoying of the local market. My cousins came over for the car-free Sunday and we pottered around the big festival in the centre, full of craft beer and animals in front of the royal palace.

{ENJOY} I've had a fair bit of family time this month - via skype more than in person - but I am really reminded that short, frequent contact means you feel much more in touch with each other's lives than longer but more spaced out calls.



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