Saturday, April 12, 2014

I'm addicted to my pared-down wardrobe

Three months ago I started this crazy project - to live with only 33 items of clothing and shoes (excluding sleep wear, running clothes and coats) for three months. I did share this with a couple of people at the beginning, who mostly looked alarmed and asked whether I'd spend the whole time doing laundry. However, three months in, the project is complete - or at least the first stage. 

Today I hauled the suitcases of clothes from the basement to the bedroom, selected another 33, and sent the suitcases back again - but rather lighter, as I have put aside two items for the rag bag (stained/damaged) and 15 items of clothing, one pair of shoes and a necklace to go to the charity shop.

I have sometimes tired of certain items, and I haven't got quite as versatile a set of 33 as I could have if I were prepared to go out and buy the best clothes, but that's not really the point of the exercise. I have hugely enjoyed having a spacious wardrobe, being able to find clothes when I want to, and I do wear a greater variety on a day to day basis than I used to. I also find laundry easier to stay on top of, even with the addition of ironing. I'm a definite convert.

It's wonderful to open the wardrobe and be greeted with this everyday, instead of the old pile of crumpled, dirty clothes that used to greet me:

Compared to the last set of 33, this one includes more skirts, more basic options for work and less jumpers. The one thing I am really missing are lighter tops I can wear to work - less severe shirts and other things I can wear for work and home. I haven't managed to make many things in the last months so still lacking colour. But when I'm super busy, as I have been for the last month, it's so valuable to have just one place that is not chaotic and cluttered, one thing I feel in control of.

Have you given Project 333 a go? Can I tempt you, if your wardobe looks anything like mine used to?


  1. Well done!! I, too have just finished a challenge - a 6-Item one - and am looking forward to getting a skirt on now that the weather is improving ;)
    6 might seem daunting but look at what this woman did for her job!! I am so in awe (at least I could lounge in homewear some of the time!!)…

    1. Woooooow.... I felt smug about 33, but 6...? Definitely impressed.

  2. I just love this idea, Nickie. After reading your early posts I really emptied out the wardrobe but I haven't got down to 30 items yet! I am attempting to convince teenage children that they could do this too and save me heaps of washing .



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