Monday, April 21, 2014

Progress, or My Easter Monday in pictures

:: Finished scarf with tassels ::

:: Pickled beetroot ::
:: Fresh beetroot and radishes growing beautifully ::
 :: First try at a loaf with my sourdough starter ::
:: Skirt lining - just needs hemming and putting into the skirt ::


  1. Looks like your Easter was a lot more productive than mine. I went to see a play with Sherlock's Andrew Scott on Thursday (it was amazing, and despite talking about it all day Thursday no one at work has asked me anything about it...) and went to a bookshop and picked up the amazingly titled 'Letters From My Windmill' and was reminded that I want to read all the books in the world. We even went for a little walk around a new area of London before going in to the theatre. (This is the kind of thing I would like my blog to be about, but these days happen so infrequently...)

    I then spent four days doing practically nothing at all. Some writing, I suppose. But I didn't read all the books. I didn't even download the Elizabeth Gaskell ebooks that I intended to.

  2. You were busy! The 'flu hit here so four days spent uncomfortably :(
    At least today is bright and sunny and we feel a bit better - and are working hard!



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