Thursday, August 14, 2014

Free slippers

It's been a grim August. It's grey and rainy, and because they can't figure out how to turn off the air conditioning at work, we're all sitting in front of our computers wrapped up in jumpers, jackets and even blankets against the cold. So just the weather for making a pair of slippers!

You may remember I found a HUGE number of old worn pairs of jeans in one of my boxes in the basement? I've been googling ideas for things to make with all that denim, and one of the projects I came across was a tutorial for making a pair of slippers out of old jeans and cardboard. Unfortunately I now can't find the link for the one I used but there are plenty more around t'internet!

It involved drawing around flip flops on cardboard, cutting them out and covering them with denim, then stitching them into the back pockets.

They are super comfy, super soft and super warm, which shouldn't really surprise me as they are made from lovely worn denim cotton, but it did surprise me nonetheless. I'm not sure how well they will wear, but I'm only intending to wear them around the house, they were totally free and they are 100% compostable. And I've got plenty of denim left to try making a second, stronger pair when these wear out!
I really enjoyed making these. In each effort to simplify life, I encounter complication after complication. (The latest is trying to make or find plain white cotton bedsheets. It would cost three times more to make them than to just buy fitted sheets, but that's really not what I'm looking for, but I can't justify paying three times the price...) 

This project is so simple. Easily completed in an evening after work from things that would otherwise go in the bin, this is satisfyingly frugal, green and creative all at the same time. A little thing making me disproportionately happy.

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