Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday reading - The Moneyless Manifesto

I am utterly delighted to discover that Mark Boyle's The Moneyless Manifesto can be read online for free! I forgo many of the books I want to read on the basis that it is (a) money I can't afford to spend and (b) more clutter on my shelves (and alas, I have yet to find an English-language library in Brussels.) Free and online is an immediate solution.

Mark has lived several years without money, and in his book proposes a move towards a 'gift economy' where we don't exchange goods or services on the basis of a set value, but rather provide each other with what we need just because we need it and each other to survive and thrive. I particularly love the story of a free festival organised in Bristol - food, booze, workshops and a huge party all organised for free, with everyone contributing what they can and want to make from foraged or salvaged or borrowed things. No money involved at all. It's a seriously cool idea.

Read it here.

My moneyless slippers

Some other bits and bobs I have enjoyed reading this week:

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Don't waste a moment

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