Saturday, May 19, 2012

Friday night sew-in

Handmade by Heidi
Last night, I curled up under my crocheted blanket with Pride and Prejudice playing, and spent some time working on my current procrastination *cough* project - 25 miniature embroidered stockings to form an advent calendar for my cousin.

I intended to make it for her birthday last November, and one for my other cousin by last Christmas. I slightly underestimated the amount of time each stocking would take, and I'm still on number 16 of the first set. I felt rather daunted by the work around January, and put the project on one side in favour of some cross-stitch, but it is now looking like next Christmas might come around before it's finished, so I've dusted it off. I will be so proud when it is finished!
It is in a combination of ten different fabrics in shades of blue, purple and pink. Each stocking has different coloured lining, the number embroidered in silver sequins, and a satin ribbon loop from which to hang it. You could hang it on a Christmas tree, on the edge of a mirror or drawer handle, or put them all on a long piece of ribbon strung between two points. I just wish someone would make one for me...

The idea is to remove the need to buy in Advent calendars made of plastic and cardboard - now, calendars can be reused, and instead of chocolates, you could put little notes, small items like hairclips or other tokens of affection. I rather like the idea of them each filling each other's stockings...

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