Monday, May 21, 2012

Giving in to the fabric-y goodness...

I pottered along to my favourite fabric shop in Brussels today, in search of some scraps of silk - I very much want to try this tutorial for homemade silk flowers to decorate my hairstyles. They look unbelievably beautiful and deceptively simple. I thought I would try to get a small bit of silk to try, but wow - the smallest amount I could buy would still be €6! So I decided to save that project for when I ever make something out of silk, and then I can use the off-cuts.

So then, of course, having gone out to the fabric shop, I had to browse. It's a gorgeous shop - two shops in fact, about 200m apart. The fabric hangs in rolls, a riot of colours, and they've used lots of wood and other natural materials throughout. In one shop, they have several water features, so you are accompanied by the relaxing sound of trickling water, and in both I find myself relaxed and inspired.

My favourite part of the shop is the puces. The shop is called Le Chien Vert, or the green dog, and out the back they have the 'puces' or the fleas of the dog - a pun on flea market. Here are the odds and ends of fabric rolls, for reduced prices. Of course, I couldn't come away empty handed - so here is my haul. Nearly 3m of plain white cotton, pretty sturdy - I'm planning to make some embroidered hankies for me and for Christmas gifts with this. Plus I reckon it never hurts to have some decent white cotton in the cupboard. The other piece, on top, is a loose synthetic weave, which I was intending to use to make oatmeal and lavendar bath scrubs, but I think it would also be a good base for cross-stitch pieces. Any other thoughts?

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