Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I'll never buy cereal again

I start most mornings, like so many people, with a bowl of cereal. I tend to pimp this up a bit by adding oats or seeds and raisins, but I've never made my own cereal before. While browsing blogs a while ago, I stumbled across this recipe for toasted muesli by Easy Peasy Organic.

It's taken me a while to get around to trying this out, but I'm a convert already. It took me about half an hour to make this batch, which is about half the volumes of the recipe. I reckon this would last me just over a week, and there are endless variations of nuts, seeds and dried fruit! This batch includes oats, ground almonds, linseeds and sunflower seeds, with prunes and raisins. I couldn't resist it and just had to try it, and I've found it tastes like a flapjack in a bowl - far from boring! 

I can think of so many uses for this. It would be delicious mixed in with the topping on a fruit crumble (but probably without the dried fruit!) Do you think I can include some of the candied peel in the cupboard? If you have to get into work early and want to take breakfast with you, you could layer it with yoghurt and jam as Amanda does - in a jam jar! Now I just need to start making my own jam and yoghurt...

This cereal was so easy, and if I free up a bigger jar or plastic tub, I could make a larger batch. I don't think I will ever need to buy cereal again! 

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