Friday, November 16, 2012

Simple Savings

Part of my simples challenge will be to simplify my finances, so I tracked all my expenditure in the month of October. I've identified several areas where I could easily make savings, and one of these is on snacks.

I have no self will. I have no ability to resist the temptation of the chocolate bar or the packet of biscuits. I know this. I didn't realise how I much I was actually spending on snacks during the week - around €3-5 a week! Gosh!

I have in the past tried to cut back on this snacking for the sake of my waistline but now I'm doing it for my pocket. I tried for a few days thinking of savings and the ultimate target of owning my own house whenever I felt the urge to snack but it was too big, too far off. So I've made a pact with myself.

For every week that I don't spend a penny on snacks during the week (anything I include in the weekly shop or make myself and take in to work with me does not count because that's at a much cheaper supermarket), I will put €5 aside and when I have enough, I will buy myself a sewing machine. And this week, it worked. The first fiver. And for something like this, obviously I need a piggy bank. Ideally one in which I can see the money accumulating to help motivate me. But buying one would defeat the object somewhat, so I adapted a glass jam jar that had lost its lid but was cluttering up the cupboard, and cut a lid out of some scrap fabric.

Just a few more weeks of this and I can start looking around for a sewing machine!! I'm getting giddy already at the prospect...

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