Sunday, March 23, 2014

Long time no see

Did ya miss me?

I've been offline for a while - it has been supremely busy at work, and by that I mean working until 9 or 10 or later. It's going to be very busy for another two or three weeks, so I may only be posting intermittently in that period. Please bear with me!

Scandinavian-inspired cross stitch snowflakes to edge a new tablecloth

The busier I get at work, the more and more I value in particular my weekends as time when I can really slow down. Getting out of the house for walks, reading an actual physical book (The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot) over pots of tea and indulging in some embroidery really help me recharge my batteries, as does spending some really quality time with my boyfriend and catching up with friends and family by phone or over a coffee.

Herb seedlings

I've mentioned before that when you work long hours in a fast-paced job, things that 'make themselves' are particularly valuable. Soaking dirty whites in baking soda, for example, or hanging laundry on a line, or leaving bread to rise or yoghurt to incubate. After an initial investment of only a few minutes, you have the satisfaction of knowing that even while you are working or sleeping, these activities are ongoing. It helps me feel that home and work life are not totally incompatible. My seedlings have been brilliant in this regard - after the initial planting one evening after supper, my only investment is a splash of water as I rotate the tray each evening, and I get the enormous fun of checking to see how they are growing. The basil is growing the most enormous leaves, the oregano are all unfurling a second pair of tiny leaflets and the one lavender seat that has germinated is racing upwards at an almost alarming rate. At what point should I pot these on?

Wooden bowl/cheese board with coconut oil

How about you? What are your favourite tasks that do themselves?


  1. I am glad you are taking time to slow down at the weekends sounds like you are manic at work. Don't work too hard. Eleanor xx

    1. Trying not too... Thanks for the support!

  2. Take it easy at work - there's more to life than working! But guess you already know that, just getting worried when I read how busy you are.
    I always look forward to 2 things when I come home after my 4 week stint at work - cleaning and baking. I know it sounds weird but I love cleaning my house and admiring it and I love baking, it really relaxes me.
    Take care! Frances

    1. I do know there's more to life than working, but not always sure my boss does... :p

      Totally agreed re cleaning! Last time I had the house to myself (about ten days ago I think) I went a bit mad and cleaned it from top to bottom (or rather side to side).

  3. Time to pot on when your seedlings are showing two true leaves as opposed to the cotyledons (seed leaves). I've been told to blow on them/brush a hand gently over the top of the seedlings to toughen them up. Glad to see you are maintaining a work-life balance, even at stressful times. Apologies for continuing to post as anonymous, can't seem to figure out how to do otherwise.

    1. Thanks - they're about ready now, I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to improvise the next-size-up pots. I've been blowing gently but the b*stard fungus gnat larvae have munched up the roots of about half my seedlings now... grr...



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