Sunday, March 2, 2014

A very welcome guest

It's been a very full and uplifting weekend - one I really, really needed. A lovely visit from my father, with a trips out to Leuven and a long walk through the forest at the edge of Brussels and endless cups of tea. Plus I get to trot out my favourite blanket for the spare bed.

I really enjoy having guests. It's also lovely getting the flat back, and being able to do all those little domestic tasks which you put on the back burner while you have visitors, but I love having people to stay. Making the bed, preparing the room, stocking up on nice food to give them, being able to offer homemade blankets and breakfast cereal and yoghurt and so on, and taking them around to different parts of Belgium, with medieval cities and beautiful forests and old churches and lots of Belgian beer!

It's remarkable how much of a difference a month makes - we last went to the forest a month or so ago, and in that time the most obvious change is the sound - before it was still and quiet, and now it's full of birdsong. Everywhere you looked was at first glance still winter-bound and barren but a second glance revealed buds along the branches of trees promising a burst of colour shortly. I reckon in another couple of weeks the leaves and first flowers will be appearing.

And you? What did you get up to over the weekend?


  1. The blanket is beautiful. Did you make it. Thanks for sharing those wonderful snaps of Belgium.I had 2 birthdays over the weekend, well actually three. My daughter and grandson on Sat. and Sunday and a farm birthday for a little 6 year old.

    1. Yes it was the very first blanket I ever made! There's a bit of a story behind it - I'll try to share it this week.

      Lots of birthdays your end! I hope that also means lots of cake... It's odd how family birthdays group together, isn't it? We have loads in February in our family.



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