Friday, March 14, 2014

Project 333: Month Two

I've completed the second month of Project 333 and am now into the third. I have not only managed to stay at 33 items, I've actually gone down - the blue jumper I knitted went in, prompting a black shirt that coordinated with almost none of my other clothes to go out. And then I got sick of tugging at my pink strappy top, because the top rides down and the bottom rides up, so that went into the bag for Les Petits Riens. Now I lack a colourful strappy top, but I can't actually remember if I own one, so I will wait and see what comes out of the basement in a month's time.

This is not at all a hardship, and I am finding that the conversations I have about my clothes go something like this:

"Ooh new top?"

"No, old top"

"Well, it looks lovely."

My favourite was a colleague asking if my trousers were new - they are the same trousers my parents bought for me when I went into the sixth form at the age of 16. I've occasionally had to mend a seam or adjust the length, but washed and pressed they still look very smart. Shows the value of good-quality clothes and durable fabric, I think. In fact, it's become something of a game - see which clothes I can make colleagues think are new simply by pressing them neatly and wearing them proudly.

However, as I move into the third month, I'm not finding new creative combinations any more and I am really feeling that the 33 items I chose limited this - although perhaps that's a bad workwoman blaming her tools? I am going to try to increase the number of combinations in my next 33. At present, there are quite a few items of clothing that can only go with one or two others, and in the playground of my wardrobe, everyone should be able to play together.

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  1. I had to smile - I am doing a Six Items Challenge for 6 weeks, so even less choice ;) Admittedly, I don't have an office to go to - if I did, I think it would be 6 at home and 6 for work!! However, I did see one lady manage this challenge brilliantly for a smart office and years ago it would have been totally normal, when people just didn't have that many clothes.
    If you only count clothes, I think 33 is a lot, really - have you tried different scarves, jewellery and hairstyles, you might be surprised how different your outfits look just by altering your hair!
    Lovely jumper up there :)



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