Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A much-needed facelift

Visitors to my blog today may have noticed some... ahem... changes. I have changed the template and banner of the blog. It was about time - the previous layout was cluttered and I felt the colours were distracting from the photos I am increasingly using. Since I am trying to simplify things, I thought - why not simplify my blog as well? It looks much cleaner now, with the colours standing out more vividly. Plus sometimes it's good to change things around.

The banner is new too. I am keeping the picture of the crab apple tree in bloom, because even though I no longer have any connection with the house in question, it encapsulates so much of where I am coming from, on many levels. I also want to be able to change the pictures to reflect changes as this blog evolves whilst still being immediately recognisable, so reusing this picture each time should provide that continuity. I have included a picture of the bed with the first crochet blanket I made, during my final year at university (more on this in this week's simples post), and the advent calendar of mini Christmas stockings made for my cousin.

(For those interested - the banner is made with Picasa, available as a free download. I am learning some basic photo editing skills!)

I'll be making some further changes - smartening up some of the pictures, and possibly retrospectively editing some of my older posts. So don't freak out if it all looks different.

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