Sunday, October 28, 2012

Week 7: The kitchen surfaces

I'm not sure how much this particular bit counts, as I wasn't so much decluttering as reorganising. There was no food that needed throwing out, but the new layout is much tidier and keeps the counter top much clearer, giving us more work space and also making it easier to wipe down the surfaces and keep it all lovely and clean.

I have also added in more glass jars to keep sugar, flour and oats dry. This is also a much more welcoming tea and coffee making station now, as the tea is no longer spilling all over the surface but nicely tucked away on the shelf.

This tidying process has also involved tidying up numerous other cupboards for storing dry goods. I think I am almost unconsciously starting to stockpile, but it's not in a very organised or deliberate way - just trying to make sure we always have an extra bag of sugar or flour in the cupboard and having a few tins of chickpeas, sweetcorn and tomatoes around. I will be looking into developing this at some point.

I have also cleared some items off the surface of our dining table - a full one third of it was previously taken up with wooden spoons, dead plants and other items. This is not quite where I want it to be yet, but there is a little more space visible and this is all a slow, gentle progress to the home I want to have.

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