Friday, October 12, 2012

Week 5: The bathroom

This week it was the turn of the bathroom cupboard. It has been slowly invading the bathroom floor. Empty containers vying for space with endless products that are no longer used. I even found two more sponge bags - why do I hoard them? I've no idea. These are all mixed in with an increasing number of ingredients for homemade toiletries - various oils and flower waters.

But now... the medicine box has been reorganised and tidied, and empty pill pockets disposed of. The vinegar has been decanted into a waiting glass bottle. Unused cleansers, body lotions and after sun dating to before I moved to Belgium have been thrown out. One sponge bag only remains, and it holds things like sun cream and a miniature toothpaste that I use when on holiday. The medicine box has come down from on top of the cupboard - the whole space feels more open and peaceful.

I followed this clear out with a deep clean of the bathroom - even going as far as cleaning the skirting boards and sticking the bath mat and shower curtain in the washing machine. And boy, does it look good. It looks like a new bathroom - I wouldn't have recognised it at all!

It does not finish there, oh no - I went out afterwards and bought two new glass bottles. One will hold the rosewater, and one will hold the oil-based moisturiser, freeing up a small pot for a new batch of homemade deodorant so I can chuck the shop-bought one.

There are still a couple of things I didn't really want to chuck - so they're out, by the side of the bath, to be used regularly until gone or disposed of. I think I deserve a long hot bath after all that.

New habit for this area: I have put a squirter with a white vinegar solution next to the bathtub, and from now on I will spray the bath and shower curtain once over after using it, and rinse off after a few minutes. Hopefully this will help to keep it sparkling!

Week Four: The handbag collection

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