Sunday, October 21, 2012

Week 6: The handbag collection

I'm tackling another cupboard this week. The handbag collection. This is currently 'stored' (read: tossed in a careless fashion) on the floor of the cupboard used for long dresses and work shirts. I'm not one of those women with a handbag for every occasion. In fact, once I got the bags out onto the table, the vast majority of items in the pile were overnight bags and sponge bags.

Once I had put my lovely red polka dot overnight bag up with the other suitcases and cleared out the sponge bags, the rest was simple. I am allowing myself to have three handbags, plus one rucksack for practicality. This may be changed in the future - I quite like the idea of having just one handbag - but that's a little too much for me today, I think. I am also going to hold on to the two nicest sponge bags to be included in Christmas gifts of nice bath stuff (plus one for my use, of course!)

I put the handbags to keep on the shelf with my shoes. I cleared this by moving my summer shoes to another storage area when treating the winter ones earlier this week.

The cupboard looks SO much better. I realise there is no before and after picture, but just knowing that this cupboard used to contain all the bags on the table should give you an idea. I even found a pair of my boyfriend's shoes at the bottom of the pile - I didn't know they were there! Probably he had forgotten too...

Photo effect: Cross Process, Picasa. Photographer: Me.

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