Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Am I the only one? Does anyone else struggle with this problem?

Today I found myself distracted at work with day-dreams, illicit fantasies - of baking, crochet and curtains. It feels so illicit- betraying decades of struggle and progress for women's rights - but I'm not sure I'd choose the endless work in an isolated environment where I derive little or no satisfaction and have no sense of being valued (ie my job). For five minutes I am indulging in the weakness of wishing - prompted by the long-awaited and long-trumpeted pay rise offer. After promises of a significant offer repeated vaguely but enticingly over several months, I have been informed that my contributions to the organisation are being rewarded with the princely sum of a €15 pay rise. Before tax. That's what, €7 gross? Just about enough for a box of chocolates. I think I'd rather have the chocolates.

Does anyone else find themselves struggling with this? Is it just this job or is this a bigger question?

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