Sunday, January 20, 2013

I'm back - with a new challenge

Well, it's been a fairly long gap, and as you can see the Simples challenge has been temporarily suspended.

There is a reason for these two things. My boyfriend and I have spent the last few months sorting out paperwork and other items - because we have bought our first flat, and will be moving in the next month.

This is of course massively exciting and massively stressful. I have in my head a picture of the flat as I want it to be - filled with homemade and preloved items, each with their own story, and set up to facilitate more homemaking. I want to cover the little balcony with potted plants and put a reflective mosaic on the wall to make it feel lighter and more colourful. I want beautifully crafted home-made curtains hanging at all the windows, with patchwork quilts and crochet blankets on the bed, and cupboards stocked with preserves and home brew etc etc.

I want, I want... I have had to accept that with our limited budget and limited time - and limited transport options, as we have no car and the flat is several floors up - many things are beyond our reach and we have to accept stop-gap measures as a temporary fix. So the Simples challenge will be carried over to the new flat and my challenge to myself in 2013 is to make this house a home. A simple home.

The first step for this is curtains. While the furniture choices have all been joint, my boyfriend has no interest in soft furnishings so I can indulge myself in this area. Unfortunately we have a limited budget - €300 - and I have blown almost half (€125) on the fabric and lining for just one set of curtains (above). I have a tendency to splash too much in my first purchase. So the challenge for January is to get the rest of the curtains, the bed linen and some cushions for just €175, and to get it all made up in a reasonable time-frame. Did I mention that I don't own a sewing machine?

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