Saturday, January 26, 2013

Salted caramel sauce

I have recently become a slight addict to salted caramel. I first discovered it when I tried some salted caramel ice cream, and now I'm hooked. Only I'm rationing myself, because it's so damn more-ish. (Is that how you spell it?)

I found this great recipe from Nigella (our heroine for all things indulgent) in Stylist magazine which I have adapted to make is a quick and easy job for pouring over vanilla ice cream or into hot chocolate. This takes me about ten minutes.

Quick Salted Caramel Sauce - the cheat's method

Enough for two "indulgent" servings. Probably more helpings if you're not as greedy as me.

Stick a non-stick pan (for ease of washing*) on the heat and fling in:
- A slice of (unsalted) butter - around 20g-30g I guess? Too much for spreading on bread but not enough for anything else.
- A tablespoon of cane sugar
- A sprinkle of white sugar
- About a third of a tablespoon of golden syrup

Let it all melt together and bubble away. Stir to prevent burning. Remember mid-stir that caramel should not be stirred. Reason that this is not proper caramel so it will probably be okay.

When you've got something that's more brown than golden, take it off the heat. Sprinkle over a little** of the best salt you have in the house (in our case sea salt) and stir. Add a splash of cream (if you have it) or (more likely) milk and stir until combined.

Pour over bowls of vanilla ice cream or divide between mugs of homemade hot chocolate. Sit back and enjoy the bliss.

*Caramel is surprisingly easy to clean. If you end up leaving it until the next day, just fill with hot water from a boiled kettle and simmer on the stove until the caramel melts. If you have caramel in places you can't pour boiling water or don't want to risk it around kids, add some warm water and lemon juice and let the acid do its magic.

**There seems to be a delicate art to getting the amount of salt right, and I suspect this is partly also a matter of taste. I guess you'll just have to make this a lot while you get the salt:sweet ratio to your liking. What a shame.

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