Saturday, July 26, 2014


I'm sooooo tired. I have been for the last ten days or so. Counterintuitively, I've been sleeping far better. I think this means I'm catching up on a long-standing sleep debt, and that's why I'm craving more sleep.

I'm sleeping much better for one very simple reason. At my boyfriend's suggestion, I am observing a 9pm 'curfew' after which I switch off my laptop and put my phone on silent. I don't check emails, don't read blogs, don't browse facebook or watch videos on upworthy or chat to people on skype. I also don't channel-hop on tv, but can watch a pre-recorded programme or a film.

As a result, I use my time more effectively earlier in the evening because if I want to send an email or write a blog post, I have a self-imposed deadline. I have a more relaxed evening, more focused on what I'm doing now instead of multi-tasking (or multi-failing, more accurately).

I wind down earlier, and find myself heading to bed earlier as well. I used to go to bed between 11 and 12, but now I find myself dozing off by 10.30. I sleep far better and awake more rested. I'm a definite convert.

Have you tried something similar?

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