Thursday, July 17, 2014

Free plant containers

So as you may know, I've been frustrated in my container gardening aspirations by my refusal to spend silly sums of money on gardening centre pots, and my difficulty finding any cheap alternatives.

However, recently I've started seeing free pots. Everwhere. I don't know if it's because everyone's chucking them out or because I've started looking at random plastic tubs differently. I picked up a couple of slightly cracked storage boxes which had been dumped by the roadside (we have a problem with flytipping round here but on this occasion it worked in my favour). I pushed a few holes in the bottom, glued the cracks shut and voila.

I took advantage of the gorgeous weather this week to sow lettuce, radishes and sunflowers in one pot. The other one (in the middle) is only waiting for me to get some more potting compost - it will hold rocket, sorrel and spring onions. I took this opportunity to interplant some lamb's lettuce with the beetroot, and sow some herbs in some small pots that were cluttering up the balcony. 

It's certainly looking a bit more like a balcony garden, no? I picked up the watering can for €2,50 from the second-hand shop, I think it will make watering easier than using a measuring jug.


  1. stacked up tyres are good and compost bags opened on the side like a grow bag work but give a better root run than an actual grow bag. Or you can line a wicker basket or similar with a compost bag for a more aesthetically pleasing solution. Old dustbins are great for bigger aspirations and even a new dustbin is often much cheaper that the same sized container that is meant to be a plant pot. Have fun with your garden. xxx

  2. I often grow carrots in a polystyrene box from the fruit shop - they come up better than any carrots I grow in the garden.



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