Thursday, July 24, 2014

Jam is not just for toast

When I was growing up, jam was eaten on toast. On occasion, it might be eaten on a scone or crumpet, but that's about it. But jam is so much more than a spread for toast. All that concentrated sunshiney sweet fruit, the tangy vegetables, are a beautiful accompaniment to other food groups you may not expect.

Jam with meat. Yeeuch, I hear you say. Fruit and meat? Ho yes. Back in ye olde times, mixing meat and fruit was common, cos its yummy. Turkey with cranberry sauce, anyone? Pork with apple jelly, or lamb tajine with dried apricots? Redcurrent jerry in homemade gravy? Preserved fruit most definitely has a place on the meat dish, whether in the marinade or next to the cooked meat. My favourite is cranberry and port jam with poultry or pork.

Jam with cheese. Fig jam with a soft brie and a slice of homemade bread is a beautiful, beautiful thing. Cherry jam is also good for this, as is our favourite cranberry. I've not yet made it, but onion marmalade is also delicious with cheese.

Jam with ice cream. Peach and walnut jam on vanilla ice cream is summer in a bowl. Cherry jam just takes so much more cherry-y than plain cherries, somehow. Strawberry jam, with a drizzle of melted chocolate for good measure. (Just wait until I can make my own ice cream. Then this will seriously rock.)

Jam with porridge. This is one for winter, or for days when I need cheering up in the morning. A bowl of warm, comforting porridge with a spoonful of raspberry or cherry jam. So, so yes.

And for good measure, you can still eat it on toast. How about you? Any favourite jam tricks? I keep meaning to try using them in drinks, fruity flavour and sweetness in one hit.

Edit Things wot I missed:
Jam with yoghurt
Jam in sandwiches
Jam with meatballs
Jam in cakes (Victoria sandwich)

Cue a Monty Python-style song: jam, jam, jam, jam, lovely jam...


  1. Love jam with all these things too! A berry based jam with meatballs is yummo too (ala IKEA). At the end of the week I'm often found sending the boys to school with a simple jam and cheese sandwich, not to mention the yummy option above.
    I just love raspberry jam mixed in my porridge too, especially with a spoonful of coconut oil mmm.
    We also love jam stirred through plain greek yoghurt.

    1. Yum! Agreed, jam with meatballs is definitely a good option, and with a good plain yoghurt as well.



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