Saturday, July 12, 2014

The fabric hoard

Oh boy.

I finally dug one of the big boxes up from the basement for a declutter. The boxes were packed so long ago that I now only have a vague memory of what is in them. This one was marked 'craft' so I knew it was more craft supplies. This is what I found:

The box was full of old clothes and scraps of fabric that I had intended to turn into a quilt at some point. I think I had wildly overestimated how much fabric was needed for a quilt, and what was suitable fabric for a quilt, and was quite clearly incapable of letting go of jeans with holes in - eight pairs. EIGHT! I have always hated clothes shopping, I think this must represent the bulk of the jeans I have owned since my early teens.

 You see that blue check dress? It was one of my favourite things to wear - when I was about 9 years old. I think I might have a hoarding problem.

I've been very strict with myself. Everything still in wearable condition is being donated (apart from one top I had forgotten I have but really like). I'll cut up one or two pairs of jeans for my quilt and the rest will go in the bin (unless anyone has any genius ideas?)

I've also got a big stack of cheap t-shirts from summer holiday activities. I'm torn between donating them to people who could really use a free t-shirt (as there is plenty of wear left - at least one of them has never been worn, and several were only worn for the individual project they relate to), and cutting them up into t-shirt yarn. What could I use it for? I could make a tarn rug but I'm not sure where I would put it, and suspect it would just end up being one more thing to clean. However, we do lose a fair amount of heat through key parts of the floor in winter...

Let me know if you have any crafty suggestions for the jeans or the t-shirt. Either way, I want the content of this box gone in short order - so I can get on with the next one!

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