Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's working!

I have been experimenting with no-poo methods again. The summer is a good time to do this - with fewer conferences and everyone on holidays, I can go to work with greasy hair and not worry. And I have finally, FINALLY reached a stable, clean-looking no poo solution.


I tried baking soda. I tried washing my hair in just black tea and lemon juice. And after a couple of months of this, I went on holiday and decided just to wash my hair with water and put up with the grease. But it was clean!! I am finding that the hair nearest my scalp, and the hair from about my ears downwards, dries beautifully clean and soft, and that it is getting stronger and shinier every week. Between my scalp and my ears, the hair has built up a layer of grease from my previous, failed no-poo experiments. This is slowly disappearing week by week, and I am looking forward to the day that my hair looks and feels completely clean.

I have been trying to go no poo since I was about eighteen. It only took me six years to figure it out! Now my biggest challenge is managing to wash my combs and brushes frequently enough...

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