Saturday, September 29, 2012

Week 3: The coat cupboard

I'm really enjoying the planning stage of the simplifying - identifying what can go, what needs to stay, and what I don't yet have (eg storage containers). I am finding that as I go along, I usually manage to solve the puzzle - I spot something somewhere else that is unnecessary there and can be repurposed in another room. In fact, I have already thought of some better uses for items I have already thrown out, but that's just tough.

As I have recently acquired a new coat, and with winter coming on, I made my next target the coat cupboard. Take a look at it. It's 'orrible!

The coat cupboard - BEFORE

More to the point, take a look at my collection of scarves and belts:

Just a leetle over the top? I'm separating stuff into three piles - charity shop, craft stash and not sure (aside from the stuff just going into the bin). I will need to go through the not sure pile at a later stage, but will probably end up just taking it to the charity shop for convenience. I was strict - one scarf for daily wear hanging with my coat, and then one spare for both me and the boyfriend:

Looks somewhat better, no? Then I moved the hoover to a neighbouring cupboard, and pulled out the sea of plastic bags:

A real sea, one you could drown in. I separated out the bags that were the right size to be used as liners for the bathroom bin and threw away the bags too small or awkwardly shaped to be useful (only later realising that they would have made ideal stuffing for a draught excluder... Never mind, plenty of bags left in the cupboard!).

I also tidied the shelf over the coats - this is going to need resorting in the future, as I want to make a crochet basket to hold hats, gloves etc, and I want to get rid of the cheap tealights and replace them with homemade candles, which I will store elsewhere. Hopefully. So this is a zone to be revisited when I've done some work.

Looking better? I think so! The new habit this week is to refuse all plastic bags when offered them, to try to keep the sea at bay.

The coat cupboard - AFTER

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