Tuesday, September 18, 2012

No-poo update: Month Two

I'm now just coming up to the end of the second month and the beginning of the third month of no-poo - of this attempt at it, anyway!

After washing hair but before brushing

I am now washing my hair with just warm water, once to twice a week. If I leave it a week between washes, it starts to get greasy and lanky (as you'd expect) but after washing, it's soft and clean and shiny! And it stays that way for two-three days. I let it air-dry before brushing it. I am noticing that my hair is stronger and holds styles better as well - less pins needed to hold a bun. 

Clean, dry hair - styled in a cinnabun

Clean, dry hair - styled in a cinnabun
 There is still a patch around my crown that is slightly greasier than the rest - I think this is build-up from the first few weeks, before my scalp began to adjust - but this build-up is disappearing little by little every week and is almost gone now. The only problem is that my dandruff has come back - does anyone know any good tricks for dandruff that don't involve applying oil to the scalp?

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