Sunday, September 23, 2012

Week 2: Decluttering my handbag

Have you ever found yourself juggling your many bags at the checkout, trying to pay with only one hand, when your phone rings and you spend ages rifling through your overcrowded bag, while people queuing get restless and you try to avoid spilling essential things?

That happened several times this week. So I thought it was about time for week 2 of the Simples challenge.

First I got together my decluttering kit. A lit candle, a meringue, a glass of water and a jazz CD. Who says that simple living can't involve a dash of glamour?

Then I emptied my bag and laid it all out on a table.

Dear god! Loads of scrap paper, a huge book, receipts, numerous pens, a worn t-shirt, a used handkerchief, extremely assorted business cards, pain killers, three sets of keys, a lipbalm that I don't use because it makes me feel ill, two notebooks and two phones...

I threw away the scrap paper and lipbalm, tidied away the pens, and put all the items pertaining to work in the blue wallet.

Looks rather better now, doesn't it? One set of keys, one pen, one document wallet of work things and then the essentials of purse, diary, phone and reading glasses. It weighs less, too, so my back will thank me. As for the reading book, well - I'll just have to ponder the infinite whenever I'm waiting.

From week 2, I am introducing a new rule. No more than ten items in my handbag at any one time. I'll check it each day when I get home from work and pack it for the next day, before I get changed and lay out my new clothes.

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