Saturday, September 15, 2012

Start as you mean to go on

Best way to start the weekend, methinks? Meringues that have been in the oven overnight, and a pot of fresh coffee. I feel so decadent! Let's hope this continues.

I have been mulling recently about building routines that work for me.

I have observed a pattern in my behaviour, when it comes to keeping my space (both home and work) tidy, organised and clean. I have a period of enthusiasm lasting maybe 2 weeks to one month, in which I keep everything immaculate and find endless energy for sorting old piles and tackling odd jobs that build up.

This is followed by a period of one to two months of sloth and lethargy, when I can see that the floor needs to be hoovered and my intray at work piles higher and higher, but for some reason I let it get on top of me.

What I want to do is to carry some of the positive changes in the good patch over into the less conscientious patch. I can feel that I am now starting into a positive patch - the tidy desk at work and the Friday night baking attest to this - so I want to make the benefits of this last more than two weeks.

I am attempting to introduce one change to my routine each week, thinking carefully about where it will fit easily without creating work or requiring much effort and so might just become a habit This will hopefully mean that by the time I get through to the less good patch, my positive changes will be more likely to last!

Change #1: Laying out clothes for tomorrow.

I have often meant to do this, but generally leave it until just before going to bed, when opening cupboards/drawers disturbs my boyfriend and makes me more awake rather than sleepier. But I have realised that I miss a perfect opportunity each day - when I change from work to home clothes. If I lay my clothes out while my mind is still on work, I can take account of any scheduled events, and then I can relax, knowing that the next morning will go even more smoothly.

Any suggestions for Change #2?

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