Monday, November 4, 2013

Crocheting a baby blanket

I am currently crocheting squares for a baby blanket. The baby in question is growing very big and will be one year old this weekend, so I have a bit of a race against time. I'm hoping I'll have enough yarn to do three-by-four, but it might end up being three-by-three.

The parents of this child, friends of ours, are very into homemade, environmentally-friendly and natural, and there are lots of handknits in that home. His mother Jo knitted me a pair of slippers for my birthday so I really wanted to make something for them and I thought a baby blanket in 100% undyed wool would do the trick.

 The dark brown wool is handspun - some from my stash, some from my first ever attempt at hand-spinning. I've been wondering what I can do with thick unplied singles, but this seems like a perfect solution. I have tried to choose raised patterns, so that there are some textures for the little fellah to explore. The off-white yarn is treated so that it can go in the washing machine, as well - handy for babies with sticky hands and multiple risk factors for making a mess.

Just peeking out in the corner you can see the DVD case of The 1940's House - one I will definitely NOT be decluttering! I'm really enjoying this series (again) - the journey and growth of the family who participate is really interesting to watch.


  1. Oh it is going to be a very nice blanket. Love the different stitches you are using.
    My family knows they never get gifts in a timely manner....but at least they do get them in time;-)
    blessings, jill

    1. :) I know, timeliness is not ideal but I'm determined to get this finished before the baby grows too big for it, at least!



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