Friday, November 15, 2013

My secret weapon

The last two days have been mad - it's been a big conference at work, where all the network contacts from across Europe and around the world get together with lots of training and presentations and networking meetings. The talking goes on well into the night, and the conference-bit starts early, so for example I was at networking drinks in a hotel bar until 2am but still had to be functional at a briefing at 8am.

Thank goodness this doesn't last but it is very intense, and many of my routines and 'slowing down' efforts just go out of the window for a couple of days. But one thing I have kept on top of - I have still managed to do almost daily loads of laundry, so the pile-up of housework is nowhere near as bad as it could have been. My secret weapon is a washing machine with a timer function - I could load the machine and set it before leaving the house, and set the cycle to finish when I came back to the house to change before dinner. I felt very virtuous and efficient and organised! I love this machine - a bit too much, probably.

But things have finished up now and I'm looking forward to slowing down over the weekend.

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