Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Slow lunch breaks: Ice skating

Can you think of any activity which is a more complete break from sitting staring at a screen than ice skating? Wind in your hair, sense of exhilaration... I couldn't, so this was my next 'alternative lunch break' idea. I've got a long list, starting with going for a walk in the park, and I'm looking forward to sharing them with you as I try them out.

I went ice skating with a colleague I want to get to know better. We found that timing is everything - timing with metro to avoid waiting for a train, and timing with when they kick you off the ice to refresh it - so my next trip will hopefully be better organised. It was also a fairly expensive lunch break - €9 - but as a rare treat, very lovely. It certainly blew away the cobwebs and woke me up for the afternoon. I noticed you can also get figure skating classes by the quarter hour for not much more, which would also be a lovely thing to try.

I didn't bring my camera so you'll have to make do with something nicked off the internet.

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