Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lemon barley water

One of the things I wanted to turn my hand to this year was making drinks. I've been looking for something fairly straightforward to start out. After a little searching, barley water seemed an interesting possibility.

Not being sure how I would like it - having been brought up with the commercial version - I just made a small portion but I found it so lovely that I'm going to make a bigger batch over the weekend. It tasted a little odd but not unpleasant. In fact the best word I can find to describe it is 'soft'. Which just sounds weird, but trust me, drinking this felt soft. And also nourishing, the way drinking hot vegetable soup when you're a bit under the weather feels.

I've seen variants online using citrus peel, root ginger and fresh mint in various combinations and permutations, so I'm looking forward to some more experimentation here.

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  1. Iced tea is easy peasy and yum. Take a big heatproof jug (I think mine is 1.5l) put in a chi teabag and fill up with boiling water. Leave to cool - all day or over night. Add a good splash of lemon juice and refrigerate.

    Eleanor x



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