Thursday, November 7, 2013

Slow lunch breaks: Running

Does this count as slow? Only in comparison to the other runners!

I never get enough sport - a common thing among people in my line of work, I think. Especially in Brussels, where for some inexplicable reason swimming pools and accessible sporting facilities are open from 8 in the morning to something like 6 or 7 in the evening. I regularly leave work after 6.30 or 7, so paying to have access to the swimming pool for ten minutes never feels like a good plan.

I have of course tried to get up earlier in the morning and go for a run but, well, who wants to get up and go out for a run when it's dark, cold and drizzley?

A better option is to do some activity in the middle of the day. A colleague of mine is part of an informal running group who meet in the park by my work every day around lunchtime. I've been meaning to join them but have just not got it together. But this week I finally did get my kit on and get out. And they are FAST! Even their 'slow' pace to accomodate me (I am grateful they were so thoughtful) was waaaay faster than my usual jog. But they were very welcoming and it felt so good and alive - the wind in my hair, the rain on my face, the smell of dying leaves. Definitely one to be repeated.

(Oh. No picture. Trust me, you don't want a picture.)

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