Thursday, December 26, 2013

Check out this bad boy


Our Christmas dinner turned out beautifully - beginner's luck, perhaps? I reckon that good quality ingredients and a straightforward recipe may also have been factors. The turkey was bee-otiful and my boyfriend made a cranberry sauce with port and cinnamon so tasty that he is currently making several jars of the stuff so we can have some in the cupboard. Yum!

We're very much enjoying the slower approach to Christmas - some festivities every day, balanced out with plenty of doing nothing, chilling, drinking tea and reading books and curling up on the sofa. There really is quite a lot of work involved in 'doing' Christmas and I think spacing everything out a bit more helps balance the workload.

I think the one thing we didn't do so well at this year is minimising waste. There have been several moments of 'it would be a shame to throw this away, but what can we do with it?' For example, the boozy fruit and nuts from the mulled wine. Next time we do Christmas we will hopefully be better at anticipating the byproducts of the Christmas season and using them.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too!

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