Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Just mulling things over

Can you believe I've never made mulled wine before? Even though it's one of my favourite Christmas traditions? Well, this year we're making mulled wine. Inspired by The Twelve Drinks of Christmas, we left the wine, fruit and cinnamon stick to gently macerate overnight before making this up later today. We're getting creative with additions of fresh cranberries and chopped almonds. It already smells divine...

To accompany the mulled wine, I present... my first ever attempt at mince pies. Incredible that I've never made these - normally we have shop-bought most of December, and my cousins' grandmother makes homemade over Christmas (which taste amazing). Mine definitely need some work, but I'm pleased with how well the homemade mincemeat lasted! Might have another go later today, although stollen is also on the agenda.

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