Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Whoop whoop!

Another pair of curtains!! I'm starting December off with a whirlwind of creative energy, in the hopes of completing all the curtains before Christmas. I also want to have enough time before the Longest Night for my carrot - my reward for completing the curtains - planting my first crops! I am still planning to plant garlic and some winter bulbs, if I can find varieties that can be planted this late.

These only took a Sunday afternoon, in the end. All that procrastinating, for a few short hours of sewing. And now every time I draw the curtains in the bedroom, I feel just a bit smug.

I'm already working on the fourth and LAST pair. Did you hear that? LAST.

And I have absolutely, definitely not been the slightest bit motivated by my friend Katie's claim that she could finish her curtains in her new house (not yet moved in) before I finish mine. Not in the slightest.


  1. Tulips can be planted pretty late according to Monty Don, and he knows everything! xx

    1. Good to know! Tulips it is. A few more hours sewing the last pair and then off to the gardening centre... :)

  2. Only a few hours...and here I have been procrastinating for months to complete our curtains. I really need to get them done as the cold weather seems to be stay around. They look beautiful by the way.
    blessings, jill

    1. Thanks, I rather like the colour - the whole room is kind of silvery-grey and white, with a big mirror, so it's very restful. And they make such a difference to the temperature! Still no heating...



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