Monday, December 2, 2013

Slow Living 2013 - November

Once again I'm joining the Slow Living Month by Month series - please find more details here over at Slow Living Essentials.

This month has been a tale of two halves - the first half I was able to really get into the slowing down, try my hand at new things and do some serious crafting. Then the last ten days or so of the month got busy. One of my colleagues has left on maternity leave so the workload has dramatically increased and leaving at half past seven feels early. I'm trying to find more of a balance now, working at improving time management and efficiency. My goal for the coming months is to manage this workload and be able to leave at a more sensible time.

[NOURISH] I have made a marvellous discovery. Fruit salad. It takes so little time to prepare, but a bowlful of fruit salad - on its own or with yoghurt or cereal - really makes a difference to my concentration levels in the mornings. So energised! My fruit salad is a celebration of seasonal fruit - apples, pears, grapes and pomegranate seeds.

I've also had a go at drinks for the first time - lemon barley water. Easy and yummy, and one to be repeated.

[PREPARE] Not much happening on this front...

[REDUCE] Saved something from the bin and gained free seeds in the process! I dried and shelled the pumpkin seeds from our epic pumpkin eating in the last month, and used them in some homemade bread.

[GREEN] More green cleaning. I've been working on decluttering and building my routines.

[CREATE] Crochet! My friends and their little boy were delighted with their gift.

[DISCOVER] Decluttering my books has given me renewed energy to read some of the tomes cluttering my shelves. My biggest discoveries this month have been: how hard decluttering is, and how light it makes me feel; and how much difference a real lunch break makes.

[ENHANCE] Lots and lots of social times, with friends and family.

[ENJOY] This month I treated myself to a copy of The Simple Things magazine. (I actually ordered it in October but it took a month to get here.) Lots of cups of tea and relaxation.


  1. Hi Nickie, although I do not do the Slow Living...I really should, I do love reading everyone else's, yours included. I understand you on the decluttering. I have a love/hate relationship with it. Love it once its done, but hate the idea of doing it. Love how your baby afghan turned out, you did a wonderful job.
    blessings, jill

    1. Thanks Jill, glad you like the baby blanket! Yes I really struggle to let stuff go - but it feels wonderful afterwards. You should definitely join the Slow Living, I'd love to read yours and see what else you're up to.



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