Thursday, January 2, 2014

A good start to the new year

Hahahahaha!!!!! Ooh yeah, ooh yeah... (etc etc)

Much of the first day of the new year spent rewatching The 1940s House and handstitching the final final FINAL seams and edges of the LAST curtain.

Did you catch that? The curtains are FINISHED! At LAST!

Please excuse the emphasis. This has taken me almost an entire year.

Check out the living room windows in all their glory:

The red colour works so well in here - it looks so warm, and the relatively plain fabric (there is a pattern but it's subtle) helps create a calm space. Me happy!

However, having finished this lot, I've recently been looking hard at the kitchen windows, currently in denuded state, and considering the potential impact of net curtains in the bedrooms, both as an insect screen in the summer when we sleep with the windows open, and as an extra layer in winter, as we are definitely still losing quite some heat out of that wall and are getting some mould build-up around the window frame. Maybe Curtains: Year 2?

That's to come. First I want to make some more tablecloths and napkins, and maybe some cushions to adorn the sofas. Perfect timing to hit the fabric sales!


  1. Yay! Congratulations on finishing the curtains!! Are you going to plant things now? Have you decided what?

    1. That is most definitely the plan! I am in the process of planning now and trying not to be too ambitious (fruit trees? in the first year? really?)... :) Next job is to hit the flea markets looking for suitable pots.



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